F. A. Q./ Rules Questions

       Q: What is King of 20?
            A: King of 20 is a new board game where players use numbers and operations to make expressions on a matrix of square spaces. The goal of the game is to make expressions that are as close to the number 20 as possible. Score is determined by the difference between the expression's solution and the number 20. The lowest score wins. See our "What is King of 20?" page for more help.

       Q: Why is scoring in "King of 20" based on the number 20?
           A: Back when King of 20 was just an idea, we knew that players would use numbers and operations to reach a set goal. We decided to limit the number of operations to plus, minus, times, and over (divided by) and limit the numbers to the integers 1 through 9.  With these limits on available operations and numbers, a higher goal would result in ridiculously high scores at the beginning of the game and a lower goal would be to easily reached.

      Q: Can I make my own house rules? 
           A: You can absolutely make up your own house rules, as long as all players agree with the rules set prior to beginning the game. 

        Q: What are acceptable plays in King of 20?
        A: There are many ways to play in King of 20:
    1. Extending an existing expression by adding number and operation tiles to the beginning and end.
    2. Making a new expression by adding number and operation tiles perpendicular to an existing expression.
    3. Combining expression separated by three or less spaces with numbers and/or operation tiles.
    4. A mixture of these and other plays.
        Q: What are unacceptable plays in King of 20?
        A: Some ways to play King of 20 improperly:
    1. Placing or reading an expression diagonally.
    2. Placing number tiles adjacent to each other to form two-digit numbers.
    3. Forming an expression in "free space" that does not connect to expressions already played on the board.

      Q: Do unplayed tiles at the end of a game affect my score?
         A: No. If a round ends with no tiles left in the bag each player gets one more turn and the game ends. Tiles will normally be left over.

        Q: How could my store stock King of 20?
         A: Please send all Purchase Orders to ishmael@kingof20.com

      Q: What if my question is not in this FAQ?
           A: Email us at help@kingof20.com, please keep questions relevant, we will be prompt with my response. Good questions may even be added to this page.